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Angel, demon, or somewhere in between?

Good Omens has pretty much taken over my life for the last month. I've watched it probably seven times in total: once when it came out, once before the trip to the Midwest, once on the trip out, once on the trip home, and then random episode viewings during the trip and since we got home. A good fraction of the conversation between me and my husband are about the show or the book (or both), much like Doctor Who has been ever since I first watched "Rose" in 2013.

I haven't abandoned DW; it's just not the fresh new thing right now. GO is, and I'm even considering writing a fanfic or two. We'll see where that goes, but otherwise, I'm still an entrenched DW writer and working on some things for Camp Nanowrimo.

I think the biggest problem right now is that I just have no one other than my husband to talk to about GO. I've gotten most of my friends to watch the show, and while they liked/loved it, no one cares to discuss it more than "Oh, that was a gas!" (Yes, one of my friends literally said that. Dates him, doesn't it?) I'm a member of the Neil Gaiman fan group on FB and it's still the main topic of discussion there (except they've just announced that Netflix made a deal with Gaiman to adapt Sandman and that's the big news now), but they're not interested in discussing themes and things. So I'm stuck blagging (now there's an obscure reference) and clogging the ether with my fangirling.

And the bottom line is that you suffer for it. Muahahaha!

Note: What I write here might be considered sacrilegious. You've been warned.

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First Lines Meme

I swear I saw about three or four friends participate in this meme, but as I look back, I only see one. So, I suppose I must say I ganked this from a_phoenixdragon on LJ. :)

All of the stories are Doctor Who fanfic, so instead of listing the fandom, I listed the characters in the story. I skipped over "Four Horsemen", because it's a collection of four drabbles and because of the restrictive wordcount, the stories are constructed differently than my usual work.

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I'm back!

Yay! Finally home again! Well, back to work now, sadly, but being home is so nice. I really need a vacation from my vacation.

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"Good Omens" mini-review

I was going to post a full review of Good Omens, but honestly, it would take way too long to write everything I want to say. So, I'm going to abridge this. Let's start with a tl;dr.

tl;dr: This show is fantastic, both from the point of view of an interesting mini-series and as an adaptation of a complex and unique novel. I honestly had no confidence they could translate the dry, surreal British humor to the screen, but Gaiman did it. By his own admission, he wrote it in honor of Terry Pratchett, so that it would be something that Pratchett would be proud of, and kept as much of the original plot as he could. Sure, some things had to be cut, and new thing were added, but the story is tight and the spirit is spot-on.

Now for the longer review, with spoilers:

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That was simply amazing!

We watched Good Omens last night, start to finish, and it was outstanding. Faithful to the book when it could be (which was 80% of the time) and faithful to the spirit when it couldn't. The entire cast turned in a spectacular performance, but I think Michael Sheen was the shining star.

I'll post later with more thoughts, but for now, a non-spoilerific question for anyone who might know the (possible pop-culture) reference:

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You're doing it all wrong...

You know, I really like my main project at work. It's a little game and it actually works pretty well. It's nothing revolutionary or anything. An alpha version has been released so that we can watch how the players use it, and that's pretty cool. Thing is, I'm getting really fed up with working on this project. The processes and people are a complete mess.

Whining cut below...
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A perk of the job

A part of my current job involves having to visit Twitch, often multiple times in a day. In case you're not familiar with the streaming site, it plays an ad before you can view the stream if you're not subscribed. Now, I'm really not there to watch the stream so it isn't a hindrance, but in general, the ads are meant to be eye-catching and they get kind of irritating, especially when they're obnoxious and you see them all the time.

Today, I went to Twitch, and I saw this:

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I think I'm going to enjoy my job for the next two weeks.


"The Height of Heroism"

Title: "The Height of Heroism"
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Characters: Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure
Word Count: 267

Summary: The Doctor finds himself and his companions sorely lacking in certain essentials.

Author's Note: Written for the "Reach" drabble challenge at [community profile] who_contest.

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TDA "No Place" (review)

New Tenth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish! Review inside. I shouldn't have to give a spoiler warning, but here it is.

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TDAs downloading now!!

I know what I'm doing tonight! :)


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