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Another cool thing...

...that I just noticed: if you look back at the photo I posted of the Six-in-blue-coat-from-the-audios cosplayer, in the background, you can see Naoko Mori.

That was another very cool thing about the con: the celebrities were just walking around like real people. Let me qualify that quickly. Of course, for them to get between venues, they had to walk from one to the next. At the Wizard World con, they were always accompanied by their handlers, often three or four of them, who were getting them from point A to point B as quickly as possible and heading off the fans. Of course, they want to make sure that their guests are not harassed by the crowds, but they equally wanted to make sure that any contact a fan has with a guest was paid for.

At Gallifrey One, the celebrities might have handlers, but were just as likely to be walking around alone. I got the feeling that they felt safe, that they knew the fans would be respectful. When it was obvious that they were heading somewhere, people didn't bother them, but I did see some stopping to talk and meet people outside of their sessions. I ate the same restaurant with Colin Baker, Ian McNeice, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Nicola Bryant, and Nev Fountain. And I shared an elevator with Sir John Hurt.

Have I said how much I loved the atmosphere at Gallifrey One?
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