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More Torchwood thoughts

We've gotten through the first season of Torchwood and just finished watching "Adam" in the second season.

We are enjoying the show, but it's been a bit rocky. Certainly the quality of the writing has improved as the first season progressed, and has been so far consistently good in the second season. We still haven't figured out Gwen, though. Was she designed to be a reprehensible character? Because I really can't stand her. Selfish, self-important, doing whatever she wants even when the team tells her not to do it. And the way she treats Rhys! She actually admitted her infidelity to him and then retconned him, begging him to forgive her as he started to forget, just so that she could feel better about herself. It just amazes me that with all the abuse she heaps on him, he still proposed to her. I think that's the thing that bugs me the most about this show, that Gwen can do whatever she wants and psychologically abuse her friends, coworkers, and lover, and there's no consequences.

The show also doesn't have a cohesive feel, at least so far. For example, it's made fairly clear in the first or second episode that Tosh is in love with Owen. However, the concept is ignored for most of the season, and then brought back up again in the second season in order to underscore the changes in Torchwood when Adam arrives. I've seen spoilers (are they spoilers when the show is nearly ten years old now?) and I know their relationship is developed further in this season, but dropping the storyline for so long feels clumsy.

We have had issues with the competence of the team, and they seem to be getting better, especially this season. But there are still instances in which the characters seem just out of rookie alien-hunting school, and my husband has taken to pausing the show to make snarky comments about them, which is getting on my nerves - however, that's my problem to rectify. Though he's been enjoying watching the show, in general, he tends to like the episodes less than I do. I'm starting to think that he might be holding them up to too high a standard, expecting the action/thriller parts of the stories to be as robust and consistent as those in modern shows. Maybe he needs to think of TW as more like an adult-oriented DW, especially the more recent seasons, where realism is sacrificed for the sake of drama, and if he can do that, he can overlook the problems and just enjoy the story (or at least try to).

Jack's story is slowly seeping out, which is great, though the memories that we go to see during "Adam" really didn't add much to his character other than finding out that he's still feeling guilty about losing Gray (who we know isn't lost, because John mentioned him).

Oh, and Rhys! I'm itching to see him developed further (I know he eventually works for Torchwood), because he's awesome. He's far more competent than most of the TW personnel, handling himself in the meat factory without any hesitation and creating a cover story in an instant, providing TW with a way in. Gwen does not deserve him.

Anyway, more to come. Still looking forward to "Children of Earth". And I've read the synopsis of "Miracle Day" and nearly gagged. :)
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