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Trope Bingo

After seeing lost_spook's post about it, I signed up for trope_bingo on Dreamwidth (no, I have no idea how to link to Dreamwidth accounts) and got a card!

I decided to do this to challenge myself, to be given story prompts that I normally wouldn't even consider. Thus, I allowed the card to include AUs, which is something I've never cared to write. Here's the card. Sorry, my journal's theme doesn't allow for borders on tables and I'm too lazy to go figure out how to do this otherwise, so this is a just a messy list.

  • Row 1: "24 hours to live", "accidental hero", "time travel", "fork in the road", "sharing a bed"
  • Row 2: "epistolary", "death fic", "dark fic", "AU: romance novel", "poor communication skills"
  • Row 3: "crossover", "cannon fodder", (free space), "AU: alternate professions", "AU: historical"
  • Row 4: "meet the parents/family", "altered states of the mind", "AU: high school/college", "AU: mundane", "wing fic"
  • Row 5: "AU: royalty/aristocracy/feudal", "fluff", "extortion/blackmail", "locked in", "rivals to lovers"

A very interesting card. I should have opted out more of the possible tropes, as I will never write a romance novel and that square has killed the possibility of doing row 2, column 4, and diagonal 2. I think the rest I could write if really pressed.

I've always wanted to try an epistolary story, so I will probably do column 1. I've done crossovers before (I think they've all been DT doppleganger crossovers; let's try something not quite so fangirl-obsessive, shall I?), so that shouldn't bad. The difficult one is "AU: royalty/aristocracy/feudal". However, I've come up with a general idea that might be very cool, so now I'm working on the research and the actual plot for it.

If I wanted to go really easy, it'd be either row 1 or column 2. Of course, if I'm being honest with myself, I'll probably make it through one story and then forget about it. However, the point is to write and have fun, not to obsess about completion, so I'm not going to worry about it.
Tags: prompts, real life

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