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First post of 2016

Is it really past the holidays already? Back to work for me. We've had two four-day weekends in a row now, so this week is going to feel super-long.

I should really do "this year in my writing" post, but I've been so not motivated to write, I'm sure the results are going to be terrible. Ah well. I shall buck up and do it soon.

About a week before Christmas, when my husband was sick with that stomach bug I had just before he did, I was at work and I got an IM from him, saying that the mailman left a package for me, and asked me what I had ordered, saying it was a flat object. The only thing I had ordered is the box set of books that I will write about later in this post, so I had no idea what it was, and guessed that maybe someone sent me a calendar for Christmas. He said that yes, it's flat like a calendar, but the box is about three times a big - about three feet by three feet. I had no idea what it was, so I asked him to open it for me. Here's the exchange:

Me: Oh, open it! I want to know!!
Him: ok I will do that soon
Him: oh sweet jesus I am burning it now
Him: you will NEVER see it
Me: What is it?
Him: it was empty
Him: an insult from a .. warlord you insulted
Him: probably in pvp
Me: It has to be about David Tennant.
Me: What is it?
Him: Taluc! yeah it's from Taluc it's obscene (note: Taluc is a friend of ours in Guild Wars 2)
Him: a life-size... nothing it's NOTHING
Him: it's on fire now
Him: so warm and toasty
Me: Okay. What WAS it?
Him: a life sized DT standup
Me: No.
Me: Really?
Him: yeah
Him: I should say, LS 10th Doctor stand up
Me: Who the hell sent me that??
Me: I just laughed out loud, by the way.
Him: at which part?
Me: I laughed when you said it was a life-size standup. That just blew my mind.
Him: I'm not sure it's LS. It may be 125% sized
Him: it's HUGE
Me: I'm sure it's LS.
Me: Who the hell?
Me: I really want to know. Almost to the point of coming home for lunch.

So now I have a life-sized David Tennant standup. The package came without any information on the packing slip, so I had no idea who sent it, and I ended up posting on Facebook, "Since the package arrived without specifying who it came from on the packing slip, I would like to say: To the person who sent me a life-sized David Tennant, thank you very much!" which got a whole host of silly responses from people, which was the secondary goal of the post. (They included threats of breaking into the house to paint him purple and a question from my cousin wondering if he asked nicely, would the sender send him Billie Piper?)

I got a call from my sister later that day - turns out that she sent it to me. I was very impressed. Back in June, when I visited her for her daughter's high school graduation, I told her about Doctor Who and David Tennant; though she had heard of the show, she'd never heard of David Tennant. I showed her the picture from the photo op at the Raleigh convention (at which point she asked, "You think he's handsome??"), but that was about it. I didn't want to talk her ear off about something she didn't care about, but apparently, she remembered! She said she was talking to her husband's daughter Sarah (who's in her early 20s) and somehow DW came up and his daughter said that she loved the show. My sister said, "You watch Doctor Who???" and she replied, "Oh yeah!" Then my sister said that her sister (me) loves the Tenth Doctor (See? She really remembered what I said!) and Sarah said, "Oh yeah! He's so dreamy!" Anyway, I love the stand-up (though I haven't figured out a place to put it), but what really makes it special is how much it demonstrated that my sister was paying attention to me. I've got the best sister in the world.

Well, except that I couldn't get her to watch anything with DT in it. She doesn't watch many movies or TV, so I couldn't even convince her that she would like Broadchurch. There is no way she would be interested in DW (I'm the only person in my family who likes sci-fi and fantasy). I'm thinking maybe I might gift her Much Ado About Nothing at Digital Theatre.

I ordered a box set of DW books for my husband for Christmas. It's an old box set of ten books, six of which are Nine and Rose and four of which are Ten and Rose. I chose that collection because my husband is a big Nine fan. Well, we received a box of books, and when I pulled them out, they were all Ten and Rose and Ten and Martha. I had to write to the seller and ask if they sent the books, because the name of the seller and the name of the sender on the box were different (two different companies). I almost had to post again on Facebook asking if someone sent me the books, but it turns out that the seller did make a mistake. They're going to send me the books I ordered, but I'm also trying to see if I can just buy these books - I certainly don't mind growing my collection of DW media.

Since my last post, I have seen "The Husbands of River Song", and it was, well, disappointing. Without going into too much detail, I came out of feeling like I should have enjoyed the adventure, that it had all the things that should have made it fun, but for some reason, it didn't sit well with me. I think that a lot of that had to do with not being very happy that River tried to kill the king and lured the split-headed aliens onto a doomed ship specifically for money. It seemed out of character for her, and only served to make me dislike her more. And it didn't seem to bother the Doctor at all that she got so many people killed. The general atmosphere of the heroes trying to save their own skins in a situation that they engineered for questionable reasons just killed it for me. I'm not sure I'm qualified to talk about the ending, as it was boring enough that I kind of phased out and don't remember it very well, other than it was maudlin.

In the meantime, I'm reading DW novels (if I have to send them back, at least I'll read them first), as well as some comics I picked up. I'm currently reading the DW/Star Trek:TNG crossver "Assimilation2", and the characterizations in there are fantastic. The author really gets the speech and thought patterns of all of the characters, from both universes.

And I'm trying harder to write. I'm working on a story I probably shouldn't be working on (I'm not sure I really want the events to happen in my AU), as well as trying to plot out a longer fic that I've been wanting to write for a long time. Here's to 2016 and great things to come!
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