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Yup, you're right!

I haven't taken the time to respond to everyone who commented on my last post, but you all offered the same advice, and you're all right. I haven't truly abandoned my original NaNo idea (because it's a good one, I think), but I've pretty much abandoned the entire NaNo effort. It's not only a matter of the new idea being better. I've just thought about my style, and I don't think NaNoWrMo fits it.

I know that people do NaNo for a number of different reasons, but the main one seems to be using it as an external force to help them concentrate on developing and composing one long work. As I consider how I write, that's almost entirely opposite to my preferred methods. I usually have two or three things I'm working on and switch between them freely, and that doesn't count other stories that are still whirling around my head with only a paragraph or two written down. Looking at my "in progress" folder in Google docs, I count seventeen stories, twelve of which I've made progress on during the month of October.

My creative process isn't linear. I jump around from story to story to write this and that and develop them up in fits and starts, even when I have a full outlines for them, and I only concentrate on one when it gets to the point of needing focused care.

I've been trying to do NaNo, but it's very forced, and I find that when I don't want to work on my NaNo project, I don't do anything. It's the opposite of what NaNo is supposed to do, which is spark your creativity. So, I'm bidding farewell to that concept and going back to my own style, working on whatever I want to work on when I sit down at my keyboard. And you know, since I started writing in late 2013, I've written three novels, five novellas, and over fifty short stories, so I don't think I need an external impetus. I'm doing just fine.

(Well, except that I seem to have a bit of tendonitis in my index finger and I'm finding it difficult to type efficiently with this splint on. You never really realize how much one little thing matters until you're forced to do without it.)
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