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A Teacher and a Housemaid (master post)

Title: A Teacher and a Housemaid
Fandom(s): Doctor Who (modern)
Characters: John Smith, Martha Jones, Joan Redfern, Headmaster Rocastle, original characters
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Genre: General

These are stories specifically about the Farringham School for Boys before the events in "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood," mostly focusing on John Smith and Martha Jones. Some are written using the prompts from the fanfic100 LiveJournal community, others are just things I've felt like writing.

The most recently-written is indicated by an asterisk. They are otherwise sorted into narrative chronological order.

Latest Month

September 2022



  • shivver13
    16 Aug 2022, 16:04
    Yes, Tim Russ is correct, last year! And I had a blast! In hindsight I regret not doing more VOY actors that evening, but maybe it was better for my nerves LOL It was my first chat.

    Kate hasn't…
  • shivver13
    16 Aug 2022, 15:16
    That is awesome! How was it? What I've seen of her, she seems really nice and intelligent. Did they put any limits on what you could talk about?

    I remember you doing that early on in the pandemic,…
  • shivver13
    16 Aug 2022, 08:18
    Good for you! I'm also not going on conventions, so much less money spent on hotels and flights and autograph tickets.

    So I treated myself to a video chat with Kate Mulgrew, even though it is…
  • shivver13
    30 Jul 2022, 22:56
    My dad was an aircraft mechanic but really should have been an engineer (he was certainly knowledgeable and educated enough to design things for the aircraft he worked on) and his handwriting was…
  • shivver13
    30 Jul 2022, 14:22
    Oops! Sorry. Meant to post a much smaller image but 'preview' didn't work. 😮 And there's no edit button...
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