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Still Guild Wars-ing

Actually, I've been a bit down on Guild Wars 2. They're gearing up for the big expansion in October, so they haven't introduced any new content or events for months now, and things just feel a bit repetitive. I go in game to do daily tasks, but that's about it - I log out not much later. We have met some new friends who like grouping with us to explore dungeons, and they're keeping my interest up. I'm hoping that my lack of interest in the game will translate to bit more writing. And I have a couple of craft projects I want to do. Maybe if I'm ambitious, I'll work on sewing a Halloween costume.

On the other hand, GW2 does lend to a bit of creativity. Many moons ago, I posted pics of my cosplays of the Tenth and Fifth Doctors. Well, I have a few more.

Here are the Eighth and Ninth Doctors. Doctor Miller, an elementalist, is stuck with that awful hair - there isn't a male hairstyle that isn't flat or braided in some way. The face doesn't look that great in this image, but isn't bad from other angles. The outfit he's wearing is the Wedding Attire, which artificially inflates the chest, making him look like he's standing at attention. You can see how bad it is by comparing it to Nine.

Doctor Tyler, a guardian, is a placeholder character. He will eventually be remade into the new character class coming out with the expansion, the revenant ("one who returns"), but for now, he's holding the character name. He's wearing the Exemplar Attire, which looks disco, but honestly looks really good in game for him. The only thing I don't like is the purple on the hands and feet, but I needed him to have his mulberry jumper.

These are alternate styles for Doctor Jovanka, a mesmer (I renamed him from "Wissfornjarl" because I spent too much time mispronouncing his name). The left outfit is the same as Doctor Miller's, just recolored, and you can really see how that chest is puffed out. I love the bottom of the right image, but I don't like the top much. All in all, I prefer his original look and have restored him to that.

Doctor Noble, an engineer, is my main character now. You might think it's because I love the Tenth Doctor, but honestly, it's because I love the engineer class. Here he is in three outfits. The first is what I normally run him in. He's got pinstripes, Converse (the boots from the Honor of the Waves armor - the only boots in the game that allow you to color the toes of; there was no other way to get white soles), brainy specs, and his sonic screwdriver (the rifle, a Super Hyperbeam Alpha). The second is newly-regenerated Ten. The third is me playing around: he's Dark Angel Ten, or Time Lord Victorious. No one gets the meaning when I dress him like this, but I still love it.

Oh, I forgot, I found that there's a male hairstyle with even more sticky-uppy hair, and he has that now, but I took these screenshots long before I made that change.

I also often dress him in the Noble Count outfit colored in different shades of dark purple, and run around proclaiming that he's Purple Man...

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