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The AO3 Stats Meme

Because stats make me happy!

Top Five by Hits

Now the problem with this stat is that it's misleading: multi-chapter fics, unless all chapters are posted at once, will get new hits from the same person for each chapter as they're posted. So, in a crude attempt to make up for this, I divided the number of hits by the number of chapters. Here are the results.

Top Five by Hits, Normalized

I have no idea what's up with "Bloody Doctors!". My guess is that since it's a crossover with Broadchurch, it got heavy traffic from that fandom (if that fandom is large at all). Or, more likely, it got heavy traffic from the "population of fangirl who love imagining David Tennant meeting himself", of which I am a member. This is probably a bigger population than the Broadchurch fandom.

The other four numbers are probably results of time, as I believe they are my four oldest stories. (They weren't the first four posted, but are among the first eight posted.)

Top Five by Kudos

The big surprise here is Neighbours. The other four had plenty of traffic, as evidenced by number of hits. Neighbours doesn't have many hits and is rather new (last chapter posted less than a month ago). Thing is, it's part of an AU and requires the reader to have made it through two other novel-length stories, one of which wasn't very good, so it's surprising to me to have even that much response. I suppose I must conclude that it's pretty good. (?!)

Top Five by Bookmarks

Not sure what conclusions can be drawn from this. *shrug*

Oh, now here's the question. What is the ratio of kudos to normalized hits? In other words, how often does each story get kudos? I might have to work on that.

Final note: One big problem is that since I didn't know how AO3 worked when I started there, I put all of the individual short stories for Calling the Doctor and A Teacher and a Housemaid in one work, rather than post them separately and link them in a series. So, now I can't get individual stats on those.
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