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Mixed bag

Good and bad today. The good outweighed the bad, but the bad was shocking enough to me that I wanted to talk about it.

First, major project done at work. It took a very long time, and there were lots of problems, and now that the code's live and players are using it, there are more problems coming up, but in general, it was a success and we're all happy. Yay!

So that's the minor good. Now for the bad, so that this post can end on a high note.

As you might know, I work for a company that makes Facebook games, and the one I work on is pretty typical: you log in and play, and there's weekly quests - usually themed, often for holidays or events - that you can do to earn rewards. It's a fashion game, so typically the rewards are clothing and hairtyles.

We got a support ticket today with the title "Remove inappropriate items from game". We don't get those too often, but when we do, usually it's someone complaining that a dress is cut too low or something like that. This one was different, and here's a close approximation of the text (I don't have it in front of me to copy; the first and third sentences and the numbers of ?s and !s are accurate):

I'm a hazel-eyed, pale-skinned blonde. What makes you think that I want to earn an afro as a prize??? I don't want to celebrate Kwanzaa or wear an African dress!! Is there any way you can replace these items with something I'd want to wear??? You really should choose better themes and rewards or give us a way to trade in inappropriate items!!"

Um, yeah. I wanted to ban the player from our game on the spot (and yes, I have that power). We had quite a lot of fun coming up with snarky responses to her, but luckily our CS person wrote a beautiful reply (paraphrased):

I'm sorry, but we do not offer alternative rewards for missions. Mission rewards are displayed at the top of the mission dialog, so if they do not appeal to you, you can choose to not participate.

We take pride in offering diverse cultural content to our global player audience.

Luckily, we were in too good a mood from finishing our project to let that bother us for too long. Then, my day got even better.

I had a doctor's appointment today. The doctor reviewed my stats and my meds, and decided that we should try taking me off my blood pressure med. Apparently, my BP is so good, I probably won't need it anymore. I've been on them for quite a while now - maybe 7 years? My BP was terrible and they had me on three meds, one of which was a heavy dose. About three years ago, they diagnosed me as pre-diabetic, so I put myself on a low-carb lifestyle (basically, no sugar and no extra complex carbs, which means I'll eat carbs as part of the base meal but won't eat the extra stuff like bread on the side). I lost 30 pounds that year (about 1/5 of my body weight), and with that, my BP started coming down, and they've been slowly reducing the meds - this last year, I've been on only one, and only a low dose. I feel great, and my blood sugar is low, and now perhaps I won't need any meds! I'm so very happy about this. :)
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