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7 Lines Meme

Ganked from the wonderful flowsoffire... Go to the seventh page of your work-in-progress and post seven lines from it. You're also supposed to then tag seven friends to do the same thing, but I don't have that many friends. (Joke! Joke! I just hate tagging people for memes.)

What a cool idea! I don't really talk about what I'm working on with anyone, so it's kind of fun to post a few lines of these things that are consuming my mind at the moment. I just wish what I had was more interesting. I see all of these excerpts with these deep, meaningful moments, expressive descriptions, and character explorations, and then I post my few lines of whatever adventure I have, and it seems so... banal. Well, hopefully they'll be fun at least.

I'm actually posting two. The first is from one of the things I'll be posting very soon. It was actually all done, and then I decided to make a major change in one of the characters and had to rewrite the entire thing. The second is something that I've partially outlined and written, but haven't worked on in a while.

Excerpt 1:

Being a clone of the man came in handy: they were the same height and he didn't need to reach high like Jenny had. He placed his fingers carefully on the Doctor's temples, the same way he had done it when he'd played a similar scene out with Sophia Myles' Reinette.

Immediately, he felt a tighter connection with the Doctor, and he sensed the mental barrier in front of him. From a distance, he heard the Doctor say, "I doubt I need to give you any instruction. Push firmly and tell me what concept I'm thinking of." David took a deep breath, focused his mind through the link between himself and the Doctor, and pushed hard.

Jenny saw the Doctor's body jerk, his face spasming as if in sudden pain, and she wondered if that's what he'd done when she'd tried. She stepped to the side to look at David and gasped: his eyes were shining bright gold.

Excerpt 2:

What did he remember about Donna? They had been wandering through a park in Chiswick to help her recover from a harrowing visit to the planet Lilpaness. Before that… The Doctor hunched forward, his hands over his nose and mouth, trying to concentrate on the memories and the timeline. Many adventures with her, big and small, floated through his mind, though they almost felt like stories that someone else had told him, and when he tried to concentrate on them, far stronger memories of them, from this new timeline and not involving Donna, intruded. There was that investigation into Adipose Industries, with Penny, who'd complained the entire time after he'd loosed her from the chair and then pulled her into the supply closet with him when he'd gone after the main computer core. When it was all over, she couldn't run off fast enough.

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