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"The Actor" - supplemental stories

This is the master post for all the The Actor-related stories here on LJ.

Summary of The Actor - If you haven't read The Actor, then you need this to understand the stories below. But, really, read The Actor; it's better than its summary. ;)

Canon Stories:

  • "The Play's the Thing": This takes place some time between Cambridge and the slave ship. (4781 words)
  • "A Meeting of Minds":
    This takes place just after chapter 12, after the Doctor has been to see David in the cloister room and has helped him work through his guilt and anger a bit. (5892 words)

AU Storyline 1:

In which David decides to postpone what he must do.

AU Storyline 2:

In which David is about to do what he must, but is interrupted.

AU Storyline 2, retconned:

I decided to remove "Discovery" and its events from AU Storyline 2, because they were too difficult to work with (and were frankly kind of stupid), and this affected some of the later stories. However, you can still read them here, if you like.

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