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There's a reason I wasn't hired for this

My job does not include customer service. There's a reason for this: I'm not inclined to be nice to people who don't deserve it.

Now, the problem at work right now is that due to a lot of circumstances beyond my control, our CS queue is far behind. I mean, like, there are support tickets in the queue that are three months old that have never been addressed. I don't normally do anything in CS, but because of this backlog, I help out when I have the chance. I try to answer some of the really old tickets, because, well, they're only getting older.

So last week, I dealt with the following two tickets, which were submitted by their players in October, and this is how they played out.

Ticket 1

Player complains that she accidentally bought an item for 2 gold (that's the in-game currency you buy for real money, or earn very slowly in game (as in, you might get 10 in a month)). I write back, apologizing for taking so long and reimbursing her 10 gold (letting her keep the item she accidentally purchased) as well as giving her three other in-game items. Monetarily, it comes out to about eight times the amount that she originally lost.

She writes back, "It's been THREE MONTHS! You haven't resolved anything! How dare you suggest you resolved this!"

What? Really? Fine. I wrote back, apologizing again for not resolving the problem, and informed her that I removed the 10 gold and three extra items from her account, since she obviously didn't like them.

Ticket 2

Player says that she can't finish a quest because it asks her to obtain a mannequin and she can't find it. Now, I admit I misread this: I thought she was talking about a limited-time quest, which would be long over by this time, three months later. So I write back with an apology for not helping her with the information she needed to finish the quest. I gave her some information on what she'd need to do in case she got into a similar situation in a new quest, but as there was no way for me to reactivate a limited-time quest, there was nothing else I could do.

She writes back upset, yelling at me in all caps, saying that my reply didn't help and the quest is still active - it was a permanent quest. Okay, that's understandable, as it was my mistake to assume it was a limited-time quest. So, I check her account and look at the quest. This is what it said:

"Purchase the Artist Mannequin and place it in your apartment."

Next to that statement is a button labeled "Store" and another button labeled "?". If you mouse over (you don't have to click) the "?" button it tells you to click button X, then click button Y, and you'll find the item you need to buy. If you click the "Store" button, it does the two buttons for you, and highlights the Artist's Mannequin, so that you know exactly which item you need to buy.

Bottom line: She spent three months unable to progress in the game because she was unable to click either button on the quest she was trying to complete. It was very difficult to write back with a civil attitude.

This... THIS is why I don't do customer service.
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