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Fun with pixels

I got back into Guild Wars 2 again this weekend, after my friend teased me with the idea of trying to build the legendary Meteorlogicus. Nah, there's no way I'm going to play enough to gather the materials to do that (it would take months), but I do so love that thing.

Anyway, she suggested that I create some Doctor characters, and so I deleted two mules and made new characters, and here they are.

It was easy enough to get the coat for Doctor Noble, and luckily they had a sticky-uppy hairstyle; the sideburns aren't long enough, though. He's an engineer, which does mean he wields a gun (awww!), but for a medium armor character, engineer was a better choice than thief or ranger. He mostly won't be using a gun, though, opting instead of weapon kits (probably flamethrower or alchemy). I was especially happy to find that the game provides a long-streak-of-alien-nothing" body type.

It's difficult to find names that aren't already used. I wanted Ka Faraq Gatri for this character, but I couldn't get it. I finally settled for Wissfornjarl, which the First Doctor apparently used at one time, and means "wise old chieftain". This is the default clothing for a light armor mesmer, but I think it works pretty well for now. Sometime later I will get him the armor that will fit the character better. And notice that he's got Peter Davison's nice broad shoulders.

Anyway, that was fun. I would love to try to make a Ninth or an Eighth Doctor, but I don't have any more character slots and new ones cost real money, so that's the extent of my DW GW character art.

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