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Man, I really need to get some userpics.

I haven't really felt like writing lately, and I think I figured out why. We've been watching Arrow recently, and finally finished up what we have (through the end of season 2). It's been influencing my thoughts lately, and, well, it is nothing like Doctor Who. It's very violent and also so angsty and boringly talky that we have a tendency to wander off when anyone starts talking about what they're thinking. (Not kidding. My husband gets up and goes to check his Facebook, and I pull out my iPad to play a few rounds of DW:L.) So, when I start thinking about something to write, nothing feels right. Now that that's all over, my mind is returning to DW and ideas are starting to form a bit.

I've been really enjoying bas_math_girl's recent fics, getting in some Doctor/Donna fun. And her last one was so wonderfully sexy...

Broadchurch's first episode was fantastic. I wanted to punch [the killer, in case anyone doesn't know] through my monitor. Of course, it was all about setting up the story to come, but it pulled all the right strings. I predict... Ok, I'm going to predict in the next paragraph, so if you don't want to read it, stop right here.

I predict that Hardy is going to have one hell of a bad time this entire series. The defense lawyer's case is going to revolve primarily around how Hardy messed up: he arrested [the killer] alone, took [pronoun] initial confession alone and without recording it, allowed [also redacted] in to see [the killer] and therefore let [pronoun] kick the shit out of [pronoun]. I'm sure there's also going to be something about the relationship between [the killer] and Miller, who was working on the case, maybe even bringing in something about Miller and Hardy not working well together, or (if the lawyer is on her toes) implying a relationship between Miller and Hardy that affected his motives in accusing [the killer]. (This is fun! Mad lib time!) So, the case is going to turn against Hardy, making the Latimers and the rest of the town hate him. Then of course, there's the other thread with protecting Claire going on, with her husband attacking him, either psychologically or physically. And all this going on alongside Hardy's impending procedure. If this goes along like this, I expect that Hardy will die by the end of the series, either passively from the stress or the procedure, or actively at the hands of Claire's husband; I don't think that Chibnall pulls punches like some other writers I know.
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