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Broadchurch 2 tomorrow! Eeeeee!

I watched the last few episodes of Broadchurch to get ready for tomorrow, and though I know I've already said this before, but Gracepoint really lost sight of what made Broadchurch so good. I wrote earlier that it wasn't that Broadchurch was a great murder mystery, but that it explored the effects of a murder investigation on the normal lives of the people in this small British town. That's where it excelled: we got to watch as secrets were revealed and lives were destroyed, while in other ways, people learned about what was important in their lives and what was trivial, and relationships were forged or strengthened. Gracepoint was a murder mystery, with some of that thrown in, but the real story (spoilers!) boiled down to who the killer was and who continued to protect that person's identity after the case was "solved".

Rewatching the last episode of Broadchurch really drove that home. As I mentioned before, the last episode of Gracepoint started earlier in the story than the last episode of Broadchurch, and of course it had to add on more scenes to cover the big twist, leaving it little time for closure for the family and town. In Broadchurch, at least fifteen minutes of the last episode is devoted to scenes showing how the different characters dealt with the identity of the killer, and then their grief as they mourned Danny. Gracepoint ends with you thinking about whether or not Carver is going to try to expose the real killer - just one person after that huge ensemble cast; Broadchurch ends with you thinking about how the town is going to move on from the tragedy - and that's why it was brilliant.

Anyway, here's hoping that Broadchurch 2 is as good as Broadchurch!
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