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An eventful year

It's almost the new year, and though the break between old year and new is completely arbitrary, this is the time when people think back on the year and reminisce. So, here I am.

I started watching Doctor Who in August of 2013 and was completely hooked within the first ten minutes of "Rose". Approximately two months later, the episode "The Girl in the Fireplace" (don't ask why it took so long to get this far in the show) sparked a story idea in my brain and I wrote my first story ever. And then I wrote my second soon after "The Day of the Doctor", and I've been writing ever since: two novellas, two short story collections (eighteen tales total), and twenty-two other short stories. (Here's my complete list.)

For my year-and-a-little-more-in-review, here are the pieces I'm the most proud of, in no particular order. Thank you very much for welcoming me into this wonderful community of writers and fans of a brilliant television show and universe that is such a big part of my life!

The Actor: David Tennant travels in the TARDIS with the Eleventh Doctor. This is by far my favorite of everything I've written.

Mistaken Identity: Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover. My first multi-chapter fic and the kind of thing I'd like to write more of - adventure.

"For This Moment" (from Calling the Doctor): The War Doctor visits the Eighth Doctor to ask him to help stow Gallifrey away in a pocket universe.

"The Dawn of the Doctor": My second story ever, and, in my opinion, one of my best. The War Doctor regenerates, and the new Doctor must find his path.

"Every Mirror": The eternal prison of Daughter of Mine. This was a stretch of my abilities, and it turned out pretty well.

"Bloody Doctors!": Doctor Who/Broadchurch crossover. Just because it makes me smile. And it has DI Alec Hardy, who I wish I could give a hug to.

"Untitled": Drabbles are really difficult, but I think this one worked well.

"A Splendid Day": A missing scene from Mistaken Identity, and I think my best Doctor and Donna writing ever.

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