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Just not feeling it

I guess since I actually finished two stories (well, almost - I still want to add something to the second, but I'm not sure what; I might give up on that), I completely forgot to continue posting my song parodies. So, here's the last of the episode parodies.

I really do want to finish the series of episode parodies, but I'm just not feeling it. What's "it", you ask? Well, first, it just doesn't feel like Christmas to me. While I'm not much of a Christmas person, by this time in December, I'm at least starting the shopping. This year, not at all. (And oh man, am I going to be in trouble soon!) I don't think I've even heard a Christmas carol yet. And there's just no way to write a Christmas parody if you're not in that Christmas mood.

I've also not been obsessed enough with Doctor Who to write a parody. I've actually not been in the mood to write fanfic at all. I blame that on Series 8, which turned me off to the show for a while there. It was actually difficult to think about the older series, because the thought of the newest series just made my stomach queasy. It was that bad. Now that I'm a bit removed from it, I can look back at Series 8 and see that there were some good points to it (though very few). But this has really shown in my writing: before "The Savage Beast", the last time I wrote anything over 500 words long was 40 days ago. It took me a while to want to write anything at all.

Now that I'm actually writing, I'm still not sure that I'm going to continue the episode parody string. The next one is "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe", which is easily the Christmas Special I like the least (not counting "The Time of the Doctor", which doesn't count as a Christmas special to me). I think I might skip over it and go directly to "The Snowmen".

But, in the meantime, there are still other parodies to post, so you people aren't safe yet...

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