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Christmas Special: "A Christmas Wedding"

A Christmas Wedding

(sung to the tune of "Away in a Manger")

Away in the TARDIS

A bride just appears.

The Doctor is startled,

says she can’t be here.

Her parents and boyfriend

Are starting their search.

The Doctor and Donna

Head back to the church.

The bride sees the blue box.

She cannot believe.

A robot cab santa

Kidnaps her and leaves.

A motorway rescue,

The Doc tries to do.

Then Donna jumps to him

And upwards they flew.

Return to the party,

But robots attack.

The answer’s at Clements

So they must go back.

The lab’s in the basement,

Way under the town.

The bad guy’s a Racnoss,

She finally beams down.

She’s drilled to the center

Of the humans’ world.

The Doctor asks why and

Flees with the bride girl.

They view the Earth forming

From space dust and rocks.

The Racnoss ship’s buried,

They see from the box.

The spider queen needs a

New key for her plans.

She cuts a brand new one

From poor traitor Lance.

The Doctor returns to give

Racnoss a choice.

Refusing, now kill him,

She says to her boys.

The Doctor has pockets

That hold a control.

The robots fall silent,

The queen fails her goal.

The bombs break the walls

And the Thames floods the hole.

Then Queen flees but Saxon

Destroys her ship whole.

It’s Christmas! The Doc

Covers Chiswick with snow.

She asks him to dinner

But he just says no.

He asks her to travel but

She stays at her home.

She tells him he really

Should not be alone.

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