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Christmas Special: "The Invasion Carol"

The Invasion Carol

(sung to the tune of "Good King Wenceslas")

Robot Santas’ big brass band

Shoots at Rose and Mickey.

Jackie’s new tree comes to life,

Situation’s sticky.

Doctor wakes and sonics it,

Christmas tree’s no more,

Tells them they are pilot fish

And crashes to the floor.

Good ship Guinevere flies out,

Finds a spaceship dock.

Bug-eyed monsters trash-talk earth,

Loudly yell, “We rock!”

A-plus blood types climb the roof.

Blake’s a pile of bones.

Now the fate of humankind

Rests on Harriet Jones.

Blue box makes a bleeping noise.

“Bring that craft aboard!”

Rose and Mick get captured now,

While the Doctor snored.

Rose commands them all to leave.

Leader mocks her thinly.

But he’s speaking English now.

Doc says, “Did you miss me?”

Doctor takes control right now,

Though he’s still not ginger.

Lightning whip is useless now

Though it tries to injure.

Doctor slams the button down,

Breaks the blood control,

Challenge to the Sycorax,

Swordfight takes its toll.

Leader knocks him on the ground,

Lops off hand with sword.

It grows back, is it witchcraft?

He is just a Time Lord.

Doctor gets him on the ground,

Gets him to surrender.

Bloke attacks when back is turned,

Satsuma is the ender.

Back on earth, the group arrives.

Tylers celebrate!

Minister tells guns to fire.

Doctor sees too late.

PM Jones destroys the ship.

She still thinks she’s right.

But she’s looking tired now,

Her reign won’t last the night.

Doctor roots through clothing stands,

Finds a coat and suit.

Joins the Tylers for the feast.

Pink crown looks so cute.

Outside ash and spaceship parts

Looks like snowing magic.

Rose says she will stay with him.

It will be fantastic.

Christmas Carol Master List

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