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A slight deviation

Well, I just wrote my first non-Doctor Who fanfic. "Liquid Luck" spawned from a comment my husband made while we were watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix a few weeks ago.

When Slughorn told his class that only one student had ever won the vial of Felix Felicis by brewing the Draught of Living Death, my husband wondered aloud who it was. We both immediately agreed that Snape was the one (from all of the information we get about him, he really was a brilliant wizard), and we wondered what he did with the vial. It didn't take long for me to envision the likely scenario, and I finally put it down on paper this past weekend. I waited this long because I needed to research Snape, Lily, and James when they were teens.

So there you have it, a fanfic from a different fandom. I enjoyed writing it, and I feel like my descriptions of the action were better in this story than they have been for a while, but I doubt I'll return to the HP universe, for a number of reasons. The first, of course, is that the DW universe is just absolutely enthralling to me. No other fandom calls to me like it does. One of the other problems is that the HP storyline is so tight, it's difficult for me to insert stories that fit in canon (and you know how important canon is to me). This story is set long before the books, and I still had reservations about it because it portrays Severus as more competent as a teen than he was in the books: does it interfere with the later incident where James casts levicorpus on him? I rationalize it as this moment of competence crippled Severus even more later, because in the later incident, he didn't have a goal he was trying to achieve and therefore was even more unsure of himself against (the possibly still angry) James. I had a similar problem with Mistaken Identity, carefully fitting it into the little cracks of canon between Harry's fourth and fifth year, which is why Harry and the other students didn't appear in it: there was no way to have the Doctor encounter them without messing with the books (or wiping their memories, which would have been crude; the Doctor would have no reason to think they'd need their memories wiped).

I guess one of the problems is that I don't write introspection pieces. I like to write events and actions, and it's much harder to fit an event with consequences into an established story. If I wrote an introspection piece, such as Harry's thoughts about some event, it could go anywhere, fit in at any time he had a chance to think about it. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with something I realized last week: my stories are too happy. All of my stories except The Actor have ended on a happy note. I'd like to branch out into darker, more emotional writing, but when I try, it inevitably goes back to being more happy and action-y. Ah well, someone's gotta write the fluff.

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