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Fanfic Writing Meme #27

Omg, I actually did a little work on my long-neglected long WIP last night! Mind you, it was rewriting an old chapter, rather working on the new chapters like I really need to do, but it was something!

27. Where is your favorite place to write, and do you write by hand or on the computer?

I think my favorite place to write is in my room, on my bed, wrapped in my blanket, with my iPad and bluetooth keyboard. This might sound a bit uncharitable, but it's because I'm alone and without my husband in my room. It's a lot easier to work when I'm on my computer, especially on longer works, but that means I'm with my husband, and honestly, he distracts me constantly. He know that when I write, I want him to leave me alone. The problem is, he's usually playing his video games or trolling forums, but he likes to comment on what he's doing or reading, and he gets very upset if he says something and I tune him out. It's very difficult to work on something and get my attention called away every few minutes. I like to sequester myself in my room in write, but my husband also likes to always have me around and gets those puppy dog eyes when I say I'm going to go be alone for a while. So, it ends up that most of the time, I only really get to write when I get up in the morning (we have separate bedrooms because I SNORE) or before I go to sleep.

As far as how I write, it's on the computer. This may be a bit weird, but I love typing. I don't know why. I've offered to type stuff up for people just to have the opportunity to type. Give me a good keyboard and I'll be happy for quite a while. Now, that doesn't mean I don't like writing by hand. I love pens and writing with a quality fountain pen is just a joy, but I wouldn't write a story by hand. Typing is so much faster, and I'm already not writing all the things I want for lack of time, so make it even worse by writing by hand?

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