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Fiction List

This is a list of all fanfics I've written, organized by Doctor or type (e.g. multi-Doctor, crossover).

Since many of my fics deal with particular episodes, they're listed by episode when appropriate. (This makes for some weirdness, as I have some fics that feature one Doctor but refer to a different Doctor's episode.)

  • Multi-chapter fics are marked as such and have their wordcounts indicated.
  • Story collections say "collections"
  • All other fics are single short stories (less than 10,000 words).

Eleventh Doctor Era

The Actor (novella) David Tennant, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams David Tennant finds himself in the TARDIS with the Doctor, Amy, and Rory. (~36k words)
The Actor supplemental stories (collection) Canon and AU stories extending The Actor (currently 9 short stories and 3 novellas)
"The Number" Clara Oswald, Donna Noble Clara is given the phone number of the best help line in the universe.
"One Tiny Spark" Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond The Doctor and Amy observe a star.
"The Doctor's Wife"
"Untitled" Eleventh Doctor, Idris Remembering...
"The Day of the Doctor"
"One Day" Eleventh Doctor What was the first thing the Doctor did when he left the National Museum and the Curator?
"The Time of Angels"
"And Finally, the Handbrake" Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond Amy urges the Doctor to just give in to the inevitable...

Tenth Doctor Era

"A Light Tale" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Donna's a bit tied up at the moment.
"All Part of the Plan" Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones The Doctor and Martha are running again.
"Boxing Day" Donna Noble, Nerys Every year, Donna celebrates Boxing Day with her friends.
"Extinguished" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Aliens and fire extinguishers.
Journey of a Lifetime (novella) Tenth Doctor, OC Just a normal high schooler, Traci discovers that she's not who she thinks she is.
"One Choice Too Many" Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones "I've got to give them a choice."
"Plains, Trains, and Time Travel Capsules" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble The Doctor and Donna find themselves in yet another precarious situation.
"The Savage Beast" Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones The Doctor and Martha assist with the construction of a new human colony.
"The Girl in the Fireplace"
"A Lady's Nightmare" Reinette Reinette recovers from finding a monster under the bed.
"L'Homme dans la cheminée" Reinette, Tenth Doctor Forgetting her childhood imaginary friend, Reinette grows up.
"The Runaway Bride"
"The Size of It All": Lance Bennett, Donna Noble Lance finds his job as the head of HR to be very difficult.
"Smith and Jones"
"Lesson Number One": Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones Martha's first trip in the TARDIS
"Last Stop, Then Home": McDonnell, Korwin An argument at a fuel stop.
"Human Nature"/"Family of Blood"
A Teacher and a Housemaid (collection) John Smith, Martha Jones, et al. Short stories about the Farringham School for Boys.
"And He's Wonderful" Tim Latimer, Hutchinson Hutchinson gets to know Tim Latimer a little better after the younger man saves his life in the trenches of World War I.
"Every Mirror" Daughter of Mine On the other side of the glass, eternity passes one day at a time.
"You Can Go" Joan Redfern A few hours after the Doctor left Farringham
"The Sound of Drums"/"The Last of the Time Lords"
"The One That Got Away" Leo Jones, Martha Jones Where was Leo during the Year That Never Was?
"Partners in Crime"
"Storm Chasing" Donna Noble Donna tries to rectify the biggest mistake of her life.
"Rain Rain Go Away" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Hot weather, cold weather, no weather...
"The Fires of Pompeii"
"Out of Ashes" Evelina, Metella, Quintus Caecilius Evelina and her family work to establish themselves in Rome after surviving the destruction of Pompeii.
"The Sontaran Strategem"/"The Poison Sky"
"Smothered" OCs A few normal people on the day the smoke came.
"The Doctor's Daughter"
"To Reason Why" General Cobb The life of a soldier born to fight and die.
"Silence in the Library"/"The Forest of the Dead"
"Home and Heart" River Song The story of a mother who can offer her children the universe.
"Two After Midnight" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Recovering after an ill-fated bus tour...
"The Stolen Earth"
"The Most Important Step" Harriet Jones The one thing that scared you wasn't the aliens.
"The End of Time"
"A Ghost of a Memory" Tenth Doctor A slight change to a scene in the episode.
"Falling and Rising" The Man The last day in the lives of an insignificant Time Lord.
"The Last Gift" Tenth Doctor The Doctor has one last thing to give to his friends.

Ninth Doctor Era

"Yet Another Corridor" Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler Jack and Rose flee from one monster, into the clutches of another.
"The Kingmaker"
"Royal Mail" Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Clarey The Doctor takes care of something he's been meaning to attend to for a while.
"Beyond the Door" Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler Rose explores beyond the TARDIS console room for the first time.
"The Day of the Doctor"
"The Dawn of the Doctor" Ninth Doctor Having saved Gallifrey, his task done, the War Doctor regenerates.

Seventh Doctor Era

"Clowder" Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane Ace assists the Doctor with TARDIS maintenance.
"This Night" Ace McShane Imprisoned in the Nazi highest-security POW camp, Ace awaits the approach of her captor.
"Time Reaver"
"An Offer You Can't Refuse" Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane While chasing a smuggler, the Doctor makes an important friend.

Sixth Doctor Era

"Peri and the Piscon Paradox"
"The Woman Who Didn't" Peri Brown Peri (not the one you're imagining) in London

Fifth Doctor Era

"On the Import of Numerical Precision" Fifth Doctor The Doctor escapes from Castrovalva, perhaps with the help of a friend.
"Time Crash"
"After the Crash" Fifth Doctor, Romana After a disturbing encounter, the Doctor seeks out the comfort of a close friend.

Multi-Doctor/Any Doctor

Doctor Who Christmas Carols Christmas carol parodies. Warning: High silliness content!
"The Explorer" The Doctor Yet another alien landscape...
"The Fight Goes On" Sarah Jane Smith, Lavinia Smith, Rani Chandra The more things change, the more they stay the same.
"Sam's New Year" Doctors and companions Sam searches for his next meal in 1930's New York City.
A Forgotten Face Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones Stuck in 1969, the Doctor encounters an unexpected friend.
"The Day of the Doctor"
Calling the Doctor (collection) A series of short stories about how the Doctors ask their previous incarnations to help them freeze Gallifrey in an instant of time.
"The Message" First, War, Tenth, Eleventh Doctors The Doctors start the calculations to stow Gallifrey in an instant of time.

The Sarah Jane Adventures

"The Fight Goes On" Sarah Jane Smith, Lavinia Smith, Rani Chandra, Clyde Langer, Luke Smith Some battles, Sarah Jane fights again and again.

Gallifrey audio series

"Ill-Fitted" Andred, Leela, Romana II, Narvin A regenerated Andred makes a fateful decision.
"Strange Bedfellows" Leela, Narvin Narvin is gravely injured; only Leela remains to help him.


Harry Potter
Mistaken Identity (novella) Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble The Doctor and Donna fall through a crack in the universe and find themselves in a world of witches and wizards. (~18k words)
"A Splendid Day" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble The Doctor and Donna spend a day touring London. (Part of Mistaken Identity)
"Bloody Doctors" Tenth Doctor, Alec Hardy, Ellie Miller Miller and Hardy work late one night.
"Ravenous" Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Giacomo Casanova The Doctor and Rose flee a fanged beast.

Original AU

Blue Rain (novel) Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Donna Noble is a normal human living in a world in which people have suddenly developed superpowers. Tatennant story for bas_math_girl. (~55k words)
"Thirty Minutes" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Blue Rain AU - Jon's a bit surprised to be where he is.
"The Little Things" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Blue Rain AU - Jon isn't confident he can become a hero again.
"The First Battle" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Blue Rain AU - Jon's first real fight after donning the mask again.
"Hard Evidence" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Blue Rain AU - Adult Explicit - Donna convinces Jon that he's using his powers as an excuse to avoid social situations.
"Tea and Revelations" Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble Blue Rain AU - Jon comes out to Sylvia.

Other Fandoms

Harry Potter
"Liquid Luck" Severus Snape, Lily Evans What did the student who won the only other Felix Felicis do with it?

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