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Fanfic Writing Meme #22

Ever wonder why the pic I use to post stories is Five holding the TARDIS key? It's because I look at my stories as a way to travel in the TARDIS to explore the DW universe, so there's the key that'll take me on that trip.

Oh, and I love that "Black Orchid" costume. It's so silly.

I need to work on selecting more userpics. I'm so lazy. :P

21. Have you ever participated in a fest or a Big Bang? If so, write about your favorite experience in relation to one. If not, are there any you've thought about doing? And if not, why not?

Ah, finally, this question. No, I've never done so. I had to go look up both terms on I don't know if I'm interested in doing such a thing. It sounds so... organized. Writing off prompts with other people, deadlines (I assume there are deadlines), working with artists (if it's a Big Bang)... I don't write like that. who_contest is bad enough, and they don't require you to sign up for what you're writing. (For the last one, I rejected my first entry for it and had to start writing again, and I wasn't sure I was going to make the deadline at all.) I already have enough internal pressure, wanting my stories to say what I want them to say and wanting my husband to like them (he's the main reader who I want to please); I don't need external pressures to take all the fun away. And that's really the main point: I write because I enjoy it, and I don't want to lose that pleasure. Once it becomes something I feel that I'm forced to do, I've lost.

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