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My take on The News

As you probably all know, I don't pay attention to any media, so I only heard about The News through bas_math_girl, and also through [personal profile] thisbluespirit. The actual event is behind the cut, in case you don't like DW spoilers, though I can't imagine how you'll miss this.

The news is that RTD is returning to take over as showrunner after Chibbycakes. There are no more details, other than Julie Gardner's production company, Bad Wolf, will be involved. As [personal profile] thisbluespirit has pointed out, this also means that RTD will be in charge of the 60th anniversary.

How do I feel about this? Well, my first reaction (well, the one right after "BMG is bloody pulling my leg!" and then going to check the BBC article) was the same as my first reaction to the news that Good Omens is getting a second season and that Disney is bringing Firefly back, and that was, "No. Don't do it. Don't ruin a Great Thing." I'm not confident that a sequel, in whatever form, is going to live up to expectations, or to the quality of the original.

But I'm an optimist at heart. Neil Gaiman did a wonderful job with GO and I think that with careful love and attention, he can make GO season 2 shine. (I do not believe that any Disney-branded Firefly will be worth crap.) Do I think RTD can do great things with DW again? Yes. He's a character writer and if he brings back his emphasis on the Doctor as the traveler out to see the universe with his companion ("All those planets, and creatures and horizons. I haven't seem them yet! Not with these eyes.") and on the people he meets as he travels, then that's going to make it for me.

I want to meet and get to know more characters like Harriet Jones, Cathica Khadeni, Jabe, Pete Tyler, Brother Lasser, Luke Rattigan, Talullah with three Ls, the Caecilius family... And I want the Doctor to interact with them without the unspoken attitude that he's a god and they're just ants, either in-universe or in the eyes of the audience. Chibnall moved the show back in that direction but not enough. Thirteen is certainly back to being the traveler, but the stories are still essentially about the TARDIS crew and their relationships and not about the guest characters.

I'm not worried about RTD bringing back Rose - I doubt he'll destroy her fairy-tale ending - but I wouldn't be surprised if he finds another darling character to overuse. I do hope that he chooses to build on what his predecessors did rather than ignore it like they did (Moffat mostly only reference the classic show and what he did during RTD's run; Chibnall seems to reference RTD but not Moffat). And I really hope he doesn't try to find a way to bring Ten back. The franchise as a whole needs to stop relying on the Tenth Doctor and DT.

Oh, you know what I really hope? That he brings Gary Russell back. He used to be in charge of maintaining continuity for the first four seasons - making sure everything made sense as well as keeping the tie-in material (at the time, the comics and novels) in line with the show. Well, I suppose with DW you can't make sure everything makes sense, but he tried. He continued under Moffat but quit after he realized that Moffat didn't care about maintaining continuity.

[personal profile] thisbluespirit talked in her journal about her hopes that the 60th will be more like "The Five Doctors" - a silly romp with as many Doctors as you can stuff into it that's fun to watch and rewatch, and I agree. As I've said before, the anniversary shows need to be a tribute to all the Doctors involved, not a love song to the current Doctor, and they all should shine equally. I hope the 60th is a new "The Five Doctors" or "The Light at the End", or, if we could hope, "The Five(-ish) Doctors Reboot".
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