February 19th, 2021

Time Crash

Gallifrey One 32i: Day One

Registration day isn't considered the actual first day of Gallifrey One, as far as I know (I could be wrong), so today was Day One.

We actually had other things to do today so we postponed a couple of the planned activities until tomorrow. We instead visited the Video Room (Gally has a room set aside which plays episodes all through the weekend; I believe they just got rid of it actually, because they need the space for more events) and watched "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Lodger". The episodes were chosen randomly: we rolled a die first for the series number (modern DW only for today) and then again for which episode. Then we had a panel discussion. Well, not really. We just chatted about the episodes, but we tried to be all pompous and academic about it. ;)

We did visit the Dealers' Room... which basically means we checked out some of our favorite merch sites. Rubbertoe was first, as we normally hit their table as soon as the doors open Friday. However, their website seems neglected. It features mostly sonics and accessories for sonics, and their big new product, the vortex manipulator, but if you look through it, the dates they list for their releases are last year. Sonics are cool, of course, but the Rubbertoe table usually offers other collectibles, like Gallifreyan coasters, the Moment, and the confession dial.

Then we checked out Big Chief Studios and I have fallen in love with the Sixth Doctor figure. Interchangeable magnetic cat pins! Their work is excellent - I have their two different Tenth Doctor figures and their Ninth Doctor one - but I'm still waffling on Sixy. (Their new site's awful, by the way: difficult to navigate and their lazy loading is truly lazy, as in slow, slow slow. Some of their package decisions are questionable as well; check out the "River Song Expansion Pack" and tell me if it makes sense to you.)

Lastly, I took a look at the crystal TARDISes. Last year at Gally, I bought Nine's and Ten's crystals, with the intention of buying one more each year (knowing full well that they probably will disappear before I am able to collect them all). Well, this year didn't happen. I do want Fivey and Seven, but I can wait. I'm pretty sure that they were significantly cheaper at the con than they are online.