May 7th, 2020

DT Red Nose Day

Strange Planet (that has a north)

Ever seen the comic "Strange Planet"? It's the one with aliens who do normal human stuff but say things in an alien way. It's by Nathan W. Pyle, and he publishes the panels on Instagram. We love it. I especially love that a kiss is a "mouthpush".

A couple of days ago, my husband showed me this one:

I read it, and I loved the fact that the alien on the table said "yes" to "too much or ok" as it captures the fact that massage is both painful and pleasurable, but I didn't get the third panel. I asked my husband what it meant and he had no idea, so he said, "Maybe it means Hurt me the way they do in Canada."

It took about ten minutes for me to stop laughing, but now that's part of our lexicon. "Would you like me to hurt your back the way they do in Canada?"

(It's Swedish massage, by the way.)