shivver13 (shivver13) wrote,

Frankenstein's Meme, Day 4

Another day, another question.

Day 4: What are the origins of your penname/username?

I don't remember why I chose this name. It's not a handle that I've used before starting to write fanfiction - the first time I used it was to create my account. I don't remember the thought processes at all. I'm surprised that I didn't create a DW-related handle. Perhaps I thought it would be too obvious or cliché.

The name comes from my first and favorite hamster, Shiv. I bought her as a pair with what turned out to be her brother, Shank. The lady at the pet store failed to sex him properly. As I didn't want myriads of hamsters, I took Shank back and exchanged him for a (verified) female who I named Stareye, after a boss in the original Diablo. Shiv was an albino and amazingly smart (she figured out how to open cage doors, and she knew better than to walk off the edge of desks, something that Stareye never figured out).

I didn't want the penname to be too short, so I extended it to Shivver, which was the name of a monster race in Asheron's Call. And now I can't type the word "shiver" correctly on the first pass.
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