December 12th, 2019

DT Red Nose Day

Ye saga continues

The artist's gingerbread house castle has arrived, and it is just gorgeous. Vanilla wafer crenelations, dragons attacking it (because he didn't have people-shaped cookie cutters)... I am still leading the poll, but I have no idea why.

I plan to get pics and post them tomorrow, because the houses really are wonderful.

I replaced the Ten mini-Pop with an Eleven mini-Pop, to see if anyone notices that he regenerated. I'll replace Ten later tomorrow, so that any pics that are taken have him instead. I did just spend a couple of minutes sucking white frosting off Ten's legs and making lewd comments about it to my husband. Such as "He's got frosting in places you don't want to know, so I've got to suck hard" and "I really have to get my tongue up in there."