November 16th, 2019

Five in Ten's TARDIS

I need a jump-start

I haven't felt like writing anything for a while. Part of it is because I've been so busy with my calligraphy and watercolor classes (and concert band!), as well as the crunch time for the project at work (more on that some other time). At least the watercolor class is over and I have a bit of breathing room.

But now I need ideas. Yeah, I do have umpteen-million WIPs, but I don't feel like diving into them just yet. (I keep trying to finish that one long fic I keep threatening you guys with, but never get very far.) I'd like to write a couple of short fics.

So, I'd like to ask for some ideas. In preference order:

  • One or more non-main characters from DW. Like, Tish Jones or... I don't know. Jo Nakeshima? (Nake? I'd get it if her name was Nakashima - middle island - but Nake?)
  • A pre- or post-scene for an episode, or a missing scene.
  • Fluffy idea for main characters from DW or Good Omens
  • Anything else

Thanks for any suggestions!