September 26th, 2019


It's awesome to see...

My university posted on their Facebook page a call for collegiate varsity e-sports. They're looking for players, of course, but also coaches, analysts, marketers, and video editors, and mentioned competing with other schools in League of Legends, Overwatch, and DotA.

Video games are finally getting some recognition! Even after years (decades?) of professional gamers and tournaments, video games are still considered child's play, skill-less diversions for couch potatoes. It'll be decades (far longer than my life, anyway) before people accept video games on any level, and they'll probably never consider them on the level of any sport (even golf, which barely qualifies as a sport as far as I'm concerned), but the concept is growing.

It's also nice to see more progress being on the front of promoting more cerebral sports at colleges. When I was in grad school, I was a member of the school's trivia team - you know, College Bowl and all that - and boy, we had the hardest time getting taken seriously. We used to go to tournaments at other schools (and win, by the way; we were very good), but every time, it was a battle to get funding. We paid for a lot of it out of our own pockets because, well, it's not football now, is it? It's nice to know that the schools are supporting more than just physical sports.

Called it!

Back when Christopher Eccleston first appeared at a convention in late 2018, I told my husband, "I bet you he will be at Gallifrey One, if not next year, the year after."

I was right.

Excuse me as I go fangirl in the corner. I am also interested in seeing how my husband reacts (he hasn't got out of his meeting yet, so it's a few more minutes to go). Nine is his Doctor (well, after Seven) and he's been wanting to meet CE for years now, and now it's going to happen.