July 2nd, 2019

go gallifrey

Angel, demon, or somewhere in between?

Good Omens has pretty much taken over my life for the last month. I've watched it probably seven times in total: once when it came out, once before the trip to the Midwest, once on the trip out, once on the trip home, and then random episode viewings during the trip and since we got home. A good fraction of the conversation between me and my husband are about the show or the book (or both), much like Doctor Who has been ever since I first watched "Rose" in 2013.

I haven't abandoned DW; it's just not the fresh new thing right now. GO is, and I'm even considering writing a fanfic or two. We'll see where that goes, but otherwise, I'm still an entrenched DW writer and working on some things for Camp Nanowrimo.

I think the biggest problem right now is that I just have no one other than my husband to talk to about GO. I've gotten most of my friends to watch the show, and while they liked/loved it, no one cares to discuss it more than "Oh, that was a gas!" (Yes, one of my friends literally said that. Dates him, doesn't it?) I'm a member of the Neil Gaiman fan group on FB and it's still the main topic of discussion there (except they've just announced that Netflix made a deal with Gaiman to adapt Sandman and that's the big news now), but they're not interested in discussing themes and things. So I'm stuck blagging (now there's an obscure reference) and clogging the ether with my fangirling.

And the bottom line is that you suffer for it. Muahahaha!

Note: What I write here might be considered sacrilegious. You've been warned.

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