March 28th, 2019


New hobby!

One of the reasons I've been so busy for the past couple of months is that I decided to finally take a calligraphy class. It took a lot more of my time than I had anticipated, but I really enjoyed it and I want to continue with it.


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Images and discussion:

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And that's it. I'm now trying to keep up my skills with Uncial, experimenting with drawing knots, and starting to learn italic. (I'm particular to blackletter, but it's much more difficult than and nowhere near as useful as italic, so I'm starting there first.) I have to keep at it, because I bought so many supplies over the course of the class and it would be a waste if I didn't use them. ;) So now I have yet another hobby to take up my time. I'm also thinking about creating a blog, to document my learning and exploration, because I found, while searching for calligraphy instruction on the web, experts write a lot about what to do but have forgotten the stuff that beginners might trip over. I might be able to provide pointers to beginning calligraphers. We'll see if I get up the motivation to do that.

(Does anyone know how to take pictures like this so that they don't come out so dark? I took these with my camera, with a flash, and they're still so dark.)