February 3rd, 2019

Time Crash

Stuff I Love - Feb 3

I have tons of stuffed animals, more than I know what to do with. But the one I love is Snuffles. Gund has been making this bear for decades and he's definitely changed in that time - the face is slightly different (mine is cuter) and the pink is not the same.

Snuffles was a Christmas present, I think when I was seventeen, from my Auntie Ellen, my mom's sister-in-law. We weren't particularly close with that family. Though we lived in the same small town, we saw them infrequently and saw a different mom's sibling's family much more often, and a Christmas present from them wasn't particularly special or significant. I remember not being particularly impressed with the teddy bear when I got it, and probably even wondered why she gave an adult a teddy bear - as most older, un-self-aware teenagers would think.

I don't know why, but the bear came with me when I moved away to college, and he's always in my bed with me. I'm usually hugging him when I sleep, even now, decades later. My husband calls him the Gray Bear because he's more gray than pink now (I really should wash him more), and the fuzzy coating on his nose has worn away, so it's not brown anymore. Honestly, I've slept with Snuffles more than I have with my husband. (It's not difficult - we sleep in separate rooms and I've had Snuffles longer.)

Snuffles has been my constant companion for more than half my life. Not bad for an unappreciated Christmas present, huh? He's probably the thing I'd miss the most if I had to give up all my stuff.