January 8th, 2019

Bus floor Midnight

It's so sad

At my new job (which I'll talk about some other time), one of the things I need to do is get familiar with Twitch. I created an account last week, and one of the first things I discovered was that the channel TwitchPresents was planning to stream all of the classic episodes starting Jan 7! So I'm here working with DW streaming in the background - currently I'm listening to "The Enemy of the World".

They scheduled the day's streaming to start at 10 a.m., so I logged in and found that they have a 15-minute pause before things start. So I watched the chat. Within five minutes, the entire thing devolved into people spouting hate: I hate the Xth Doctor, I hate season X, writer X is the worst, actor X is the worst, etc. And then the people responding: people who hate X are stupid, I don't see how anyone can like X, etc. It was toxic. Considering it's a fandom based on a show espousing love of change, understanding, and tolerance, it was exactly the opposite. It was so sad.

There was one thing that was great to see, though. One person said that DW was getting too political. (Actually, more than one person, as the sentiment was stated multiple times during the 15 minutes.) The replies? "DW has always been political. It's just that when you were watching the classic show at eight years old, you didn't know that politics even existed and didn't recognize them." Another person said, "Really?? Have you seen 'The Green Death'?" Very nice.