October 30th, 2018

DT eek

Does it seem strange to anybody...

...that an American billionaire would select Sheffield as THE place to build a luxury resort for the purpose of raking in profits? I mean, yes, the land was cheap, but you'd think that profit would be better if the hotel were somewhere people actually wanted to go.

That's the kind of stupid thing that sticks in my head two days after an episode.
DT absolute radio

And cause I seem to be stream-of-consciousnessing...

...and verbing phrases that shouldn't be verbed, I've been a getting a lot of kudos/favorites on fics lately, on both AO3 and ffnet, which is odd since I haven't posted a thing in over three months. By "lots", I mean at least one per day. Usually I get maybe a single kudo/favorite in a week, if I'm lucky. I have to chalk it up to the new series drawing readers back to DW fanfic, though I find it odd that they're finding my fics since I haven't done anything even remotely related to the new Doctor (or even the previous Doctor). Ah, whatever. It's nice to be read.