May 28th, 2018

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A bit of catch-up and Gallifrey series 5

I thought that once the GDPR stuff was done, I'd have some free time and be able to get my mood back on track, but it turns out it took a lot longer than I expected. Things have been going well, but I've been in a black mood all week, coming home after work and just grumping about. But this is a long weekend and I've gotten a bunch of much-needed sleep, including a four-hour nap on Saturday, and now I'm feeling back to normal. Yay!

One of the fallouts of my bad mood was that I haven't been keeping up here. I posted a story and got a lot of nice comments, and completely could not bring myself to reply to them. I finally got to them today, just a few minutes ago, and I want to add here, thank you all so much for reading and for commenting! And I'm sorry for being a flake.

The improvement in mood has brought a resurgence in my interest in writing. I finally had a breakthrough in the plot of one story - I'd been working on bits and pieces of it for a while but it didn't flow at all - and now I've almost got the entire thing down. It feels really good to write again.

I've finally got a chance to listen to audios again and I've picked up Gallifrey series five, partly because the Gallifrey Time War series has come out and I really want to hear those. It's not that I don't like Gallifrey, because I really do, but it's a lot heavier than regular Doctor Who and takes a lot more attention, so I've been making my way through it slowly.

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