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April 19th, 2018

The Tenth Doctor Chronicles, part 1-3

Big Finish's Tenth Doctor Chronicles came out yesterday, and I stayed up way past my bedtime to listen to the first three: "The Taste of Death", "Backtrack", and "Wild Pastures".

Before I go on to review them, I want to explain that these are different from other Big Finish audios that you may be familiar with. Most of Big Finish's works are audio plays, which means that they are full-cast plays, with actors working off scripts. The "Chronicles" line are audio prose stories, with a narrator who also does the voices for the Doctor and most of the other characters, and usually one guest actor who plays one of the other characters. One thing that's important to note is that since these are prose stories, with paragraphs of description and whatnot, there's less time for long, complex plotlines. That doesn't mean they can't be fun or meaningful, of course.

Each of the four stories comes from a different point in the Tenth Doctor's run: "The Taste of Death" from Rose's tenure, "Backtrack" from Martha's, "Wild Pastures" from Donna's, and the last, "Last Chance", is set post-"Planet of the Dead".

The Tenth Doctor Chronicles are narrated by Jacob Dudman, and he is a fantastic Tenth Doctor mimic. He's especially good at meaty, emotional lines, and you can really picture David Tennant in his stead, growling out, "Ohhh, brilliant!!" He also voices the companions, and he never tries to sound female, but instead opts for their style, and he certainly does a better Rose than Billie Piper did in the Tenth Doctor Adventure last year.

The following are non-spoilerific reviews for the three stories. I may go into more (spoilerific) detail in a future post.

The Taste of DeathCollapse )

BacktrackCollapse )

Wild PasturesCollapse )

One last note...Collapse )


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