February 9th, 2018

DT absolute radio

Pro tip

If you're going to start a clothes manufacturing company, design your brand tags so that they don't itch.

Seriously. If they itch,

  1. I am going to cut them off,
  2. as I'm cutting them off, I am going to look at your brand name and remember, "Don't buy Worthington clothes, because their tags itch", and
  3. when someone months later asks what brand that sweater is because it's really cute, there won't be a tag there to tell us who made it.

Okay, I lied with number 3, because I have no fashion sense and no one ever asks what the brand is on something I'm wearing (except to learn what brand to avoid, so I suppose you've dodged that bullet), but the point still stands. Stop making itchy tags.

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