May 30th, 2017

alec hardy 2

Broadchurch blu-ray!

I finally received the Broadchurch Series 1-3 box set in the mail today! It was supposed to have arrived early last week and I was starting to worry that it had gotten lost in the mail; very few things arrive this late, even from across the pond. It's a bit amusing to me that I own the Series 1 DVD (purchased as soon as I saw the series but before series 2 had aired), the Series 1-2 box set (purchased right after series 2 aired), and now the full series box set. I think this is a sign that I have a problem.

It's also very interesting that I already have series 3 on blu-ray, a full month before the show is even going to start being shown here in the States.

As soon as I got it, I popped in the series 3 blu-ray, because I'd heard that Hardy's complete date scene was to be included on it and, well, that's a must-see. Well, the extras really aren't very impressive, and no, there isn't anything titled "DI Hardy's Amazing Date" among them, but there are deleted scenes, and there are a few that really fill out the story.

Here they are, behind the cut, because spoilers...

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