January 23rd, 2017

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Plot class, so far

I mentioned before that I'm taking creative writing courses online, and that I've been enjoying them and learning a lot. I'm in the fourth and final week of both classes right now. I have final assignments for both of them due on Sunday and I'm pretty stymied as to what to write. For the plot class, we have to write a complete story, no more than 1000 words, using the structure devices we've learned. No idea what to do. Sure, I've written complete stories before, but any plot that has been worth the effort has been at least 4000 words. I'm not sure what I can do in one-quarter of that. I've looked through my posted stories, and none of the stories that have full plots have been short.


Except one. "Thirty Minutes" is 1668 words, has a recognizable plot, a main character with a weakness to overcome, rising action, and a fun twist at the end. I'd need to cut out all of the references to the Blue Rain storyline and fudge in other character history, but I bet I can force it into the parameters of the assignment. Yay, I have a plan!

The other assignment, for the setting and description class, is to write the beginning of a story set in your "primal landscape", meaning the place where you grew up. This is singularly uninteresting to me. I really have no interest in trying to re-create my hometown in prose. It's not that I don't love my hometown. I do. I just don't have any interest in writing about it.


I thought I would share the results of the first three assignments from each class here. Today, I'm posting the ones from the plot class. I'll introduce each one with a little explanation of the assignment or what we were supposed to learn. A couple of these are DW-based, but for the most part, I wrote original fiction.

Plot: Assignment 1

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Plot: Assignment 2

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Plot: Assignment 3

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