January 13th, 2017

DT Red Nose Day


My friend is trying to teach me how to write fluff. I mean, really, I have no idea. I tried to write a fluffy seasonal piece this holiday and it veered off into some weird territory. Another friend of mine was very amused when I tried to learn how to write fluff by looking up definitions and examining other writers' fluff stories; I believe her phrase was, "You're trying to learn to write fluffy scientifically."

This friend, however, has come up with a great idea. She wants me to write David~Will fluff (I'm using the not-so-common convention of the tilde indicating a platonic relationship), and so, for the past two days, when I talk to her (we chat over IM while I'm at work), she's given me a phrase and I had to build a story around it within five minutes. So far it's worked. Here are the two stories I've written so far, and I'm pretty pleased with them. I'll probably post them on AO3 and whatnot after I've collected a few of them.


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