November 6th, 2016

Much Ado

Breakfast discussion

This morning, during breakfast, my husband and I talked about Doctor Who, as is our wont. We decided to look through the episode lists of series 1-7 to see which episodes we can just sit down and watch and enjoy. Of course there are episodes we don't like and watch very rarely (if ever), but there's also a chunk of them that we don't watch for various reasons. For example, we tend to avoid multi-part episodes because of the mistaken belief that we don't want to devote that much time in front of the TV. This is stupid, of course. I will go, "Oh, I don't want to devote the time to watch HN/FoB even though it's my favorite episode, so I'll just put in Pompeii", then four hours later, after I've just chain-watched through most of series 4, smack myself for not just watching HN/FoB like I wanted to. I'm really stupid sometimes.

But I digress.

There are also episodes that we don't watch for other reasons. Despite it being my second-favorite episode, I've only actually seen "Midnight" twice because it's just too intense. Anyway, my husband pulled out his phone and read off the names of the episodes from the Wikipedia article. And then this snippet of conversation happened.

Him: Oh, "Doomsday"! That's a great episode, not even counting Rose getting punted. I mean, that was a pure bonus, but even without it, that was good!

A little later, we started talking about the ideal show we envisioned, if we could change things magically.

Me: I wish that Eccleston did a second season. I'd have him do two seasons, even if that meant that Tennant only got two, because I certainly don't want Tennant under Moffat.
Him: No, I think I'd rather insert a second season of Eccleston, rather than take one of Tennant's.
Me: But think about it. Two seasons of Nine and Rose, and Rose leaves with him, leaving Ten with Martha and Donna. That would be perfect.
Him: (thinks) That's interesting. But no, I wouldn't touch Tennant.
Me: I would.
Him: (rolls eyes)

We finally decided on an extra season of Eccleston and a second season of Ten and Donna, though I suppose by the end of that, RTD would just be a burned-out husk. Sorry, Russell THE Davies.