August 3rd, 2016

Much Ado

This is how scrum should work

In the agile methodology of development, one part of it is morning scrum: every morning, the team gets together and everyone says what they did the day before, what they're doing today, and what (if any) obstacles are stopping their progress. Ideally, each person talks for less than a minute. It's meant to be an informational thing, so the team knows what everyone is doing and if there are problems that need to be addressed.

Yesterday, I took my little Tenth Doctor Funko Pop doll to scrum and placed him on the table in front of me. We started doing our talks and halfway through, the boss, who was late from another meeting, walked in, asked where we are in the meeting, then pointed to Ten and said, "Has he gone?"

I said, "Nope," and my husband said, "He doesn't want to go."

Sadly, no one else in the room was enough of a DW fan to get the reference, but the two of us were disabled with laughter for a bit.