May 28th, 2016

Much Ado


I told my husband that I rated "Death and the Queen" at 8/10, and he was surprised! He said he'd definitely give it a 9/10, and said that there was a specific reason why he wouldn't give it a 10/10: there was no mention of pockets. Ideally, Donna would have saved some situation by pulling something out and saying to the Doctor, "This time, my wedding dress has pockets!" or at the very least, when he was admiring her wedding dress, she should have told him that she had them put in pockets this time. That would have been a fantastic nod back to Donna's first wedding.

Seriously, though, I had no idea he liked it that much. Awesome. :)

I forgot to mention that "Death and the Queen" was written by James Goss, who also wrote the magnificent audiobook "Dead Air". Have you listened to that one? You should. Go do it now. I mentioned before that I am trying to pay attention to the writers to identify those whose works I like, so now Mr. Goss is going on my list and I need to search out his work.