April 11th, 2016

Ten with gun

Type type typity type

I've been very pleased with Camp Nanowrimo this time around! Not that I'm writing a huge amount, but I am above my projected word count trajectory so far! Well, just barely above, but above is above. I've finished and posted one story, and I'm this close to finishing another - one that I asked dm12 to critique over four months ago. (In case I forgot to thank you for it, thank you so much! I've modified it a bit since you read it, hopefully for the better, added the beginning and am finishing the end now.) Other stories, well, not so much, still diddling around in them, but all in good time.

Of course, this does mean that other things are falling by the wayside, and that includes doing our taxes. Sigh. That's tonight's project. I always put them off until the last minute.

I'm getting a little anxious to set up a nice place in the house for me to do my personal activities - writing, crafting, making costumes, etc. I mean, I have a little spot in my bedroom, but I have stuff scattered all over the house. I'd like it all to be in one place, but this would mean cleaning house, rearranging furniture, and then organizing a ton of stuff. So much work, so little time!