February 15th, 2016

Five in Ten's TARDIS

Short note about Gallifrey One

Just got back from Gallifrey One about an hour ago, and it was a BLAST! I really can't express how much fun I had there, though I will try in a post tomorrow, which will have pictures, too. For now, though, I am exhausted and will probably go veg out in front of the TV with the Key to Time.

There are two things I want to mention today, though.

First, I got in line to get my picture taken with Peter Davison and started chatting with the person behind me, who was in a fantastic Jenny costume. Then I looked at her name tag, and it was tkel_paris! Of all the coincidences, we happened to be next to each other in a huge line! It was great meeting you!! :)

Second, I made it a point to go to as many of the Big Finish panels as I could, as I just love their audios (more on that tomorrow). In one of the panels, they were talking about some of the audios coming out this year, and of course they mentioned the Tenth Doctor Adventures (TDAs) that are out this May. They have the rights to the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors, and have had them for quite a while. Of course, it's kind of a pipe dream to get CE to return to play the Ninth Doctor, but they are still trying.

For the TDAs, they've actually been written and waiting to record for eighteen months now, and this is why it took so long for them to make them. Apparently, when they asked DT to come back to play the Tenth Doctor, he really wanted to do it, but he had one condition: the companion had to be Donna, because he wanted to work with CT. BF was able to get CT to sign on, but it took eighteen months for DT and CT to have three consecutive days free at the same time. They could have recorded their parts separately, but they insisted on recording together. BF didn't expect to actually have it happen yet, because DT was booked all the way through December, but then Georgia gave birth to their daughter a week early, and that freed up three days for him, and they were finally able to record.

And that's why we have the TDAs coming out in May with Donna as the companion. I did get the chance to ask them about the possibility of Martha returning, and they said they couldn't give details, but they want to have her return, but Freema Agyeman isn't free right now.