January 13th, 2016



I really hope that this journal doesn't turn into a record of my reactions to watching Torchwood. Well, at the very least, I need to get myself a Jack userpic. *shrug*

Anyway, I just wanted to say that we watched "Countrycide" last night, and we loved it. It was tense and gripping, and eventually very creepy. There was very little lack of skill demonstrated by the TW team. And none of the overwrought angst that killed some of the previous episodes (sorry, Ianto, but "Cyberwoman" was awful...). I checked Graph TV to see how the episodes are rated against each other, and it's rated pretty well, and the season more or less only goes up from here (except for one episode which is rated pretty bad), so I have hope for more entertaining evenings for the rest of the week.

Random comment: You know, I *really* hate that Ten's signature item (like Eleven's fez) is the 3-D glasses. They were used once, in his first season, for a specific purpose. Why are they his signature item?? It ruins fan art for me. I just saw a gorgeous t-shirt with drawings of all the Doctors, all completely serious, except Ten had the 3-D glasses on. None of the others had extra props. It looked STUPID. Why??