January 12th, 2016

DT snerk

Thanks! And a Jack question...

Hi again! Thank you very much for all of the well-wishes for my job situation! So many replies that I decided to do a general one here. I am optimistic for both getting a project in that will let me keep my job and getting time off if that doesn't happen, so it's all good.

Thanks also for the pretty much unanimous advice of avoiding "Miracle Day." I do plan to find a synopsis to see if there's anything I need to know for writing future fanfics involving Jack.

And that brings me to my question about him. I've only seen him in Doctor Who and the first five episodes of Torchwood, so it's very possible that my question is answered later on, but here it is. In "The Last of the Time Lords", the Doctor "breaks" Jack's vortex manipulator to keep him from teleporting in time and space. I know from TW that Jack has some power beyond modern humans (one of the episodes had him doing some energy thing), but nothing really remarkable.

So, given that, how did Jack get to the space pub that he was in when the Doctor hooked him up with Midshipman Frame? If we assume that Midshipman Frame is a humanoid with similar aging and life span to humans, it couldn't have been too far in the future of "The End of Time", so it's not like Jack waited until humans got out into space and got there that way. Does he acquire some technology in TW that allows him to planet-hop?