November 2nd, 2015

DT snarl

Not much progress

I did start working on NaNoWriMo, but didn't get very far. One of the problems is that yes, I do play an MMO, and yes, my husband loves to tempt me with "So-and-so and his girlfriend are logged in. Let's go do some dungeons!" especially since he cannot remember from day to day that I am actually trying to do this very difficult task. No, it's not his fault at all that doing the dungeons is so appealing; it's certainly my fault for caving in. I just need to learn to say no.

I have found that two of my friends are NaNoing, too. They are real authors, not a hobbyist like me, and they do original works, not fanfic. I've done a virtual fistbump with them.

As I write, my story seems kind of stale and bland. Hopefully it's just the first chapter though, and I have to remind myself that the first chapter is meant to seem stale and bland - the point is that hopefully the reader will note the inconsistencies I've written into it and realize that something is very wrong.

I was going to write a review of "The Zygon Invasion", but though I'm on the fence about the episode (really need to see how it turns out to judge), there was enough terrible in it that if I do write, it'll sound like I just hate it. I don't.

I will say a couple of things, though. First, I'm disappointed with Osgood. I loved her because, in "The Day of the Doctor", she was the timid scientist who was very observant and plucky when she needed to be, and I agreed that she could be a great companion. Now she's this mystical, wise, maybe-human maybe-Zygon, and what was great about her is gone. Second, I'm just going to headcanon that Clara has been a Zygon since "The Day of the Doctor", because that would explain her wild character shifts, bizarre obsessions with the Doctor's character flaws and (oddly) wanting to be the Doctor, and her unbelievable, inhuman attempts to manipulate Danny and the Doctor since that episode. Third, I'm hoping that the non-rebellious Zygons are going to appear - perhaps the Kate we saw is one of them (which would explain her rather extreme reaction to the rebellion and would make me happy, since I already have been disappointed in the character since her introduction in "The Power of Three" and was upset that she's fallen even further here), and she managed to overpower the woman in Truth or Consequences and has now taken her form.